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 Post subject: Clarence Dock renders for the front page please?
PostPosted: Thu Dec 03, 2009 7:16 pm 

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Great to see the effort that has gone into the renders for a remodelled Goodison Park on the front page. I'm wondering if theres any chance the renders done by 21C Liverpool could be put up on the main, front page as well!? Also could the alternative sites page be updated to include more detail on Clarence Dock please? I would be happy for any of my written work on this to be used by KEIOC as you see fit.

All avenues should be explored, when it comes to potential sites for keeping the club within the city.

Clarence Dock: Vast potential for waterfront stadium with room for enabling developments.

Currently there are very few legitimately and capable sites, due to size and the need for enabling money, for a stadium to be built within Liverpool. There is however, one site in Liverpool city centre in an ideal location, which would integrate perfectly into the city centre and would be the best served stadium for public transport in the UK.

That site is at Clarence Dock, the site of the former Summer Pops festival.

Clarence Dock is a site 30 acres larger than Kings Dock on Liverpool's waterfront withing what has become known as the Central Docks complex. At Kings Dock, a much smaller and restricted site, it was considered there was space for a 55,000 seat stadium and blocks of apartments, as well as a rollout pitch. Clearly there is room for a stadium and enabling projects around Clarence Dock a site that is 30 acres larger and has little around it.

Clarence Dock is the site on which the former Summer Pops tents (30,000 capacity) are situated on the picture here....



Existing sucessfull dockland stadium model in Melbourne, Australia.

It has been suggested that the model to follow would be Melbourne's Docklands. Similarly to parts of Liverpool's docklands, Melbourne docklands fell into disuse and disrepair in the 1980's as containerisation of shipping traffic took over. They knew they needed to get something kick started down there so they used the development of a new 55,000 seat stadium as a driver to get people interested. The very first thing they built down there was a stadium by HOK design, that ironically was HOK's basis for Everton's failed stadium plans for Kings Dock.

The stadium was/is a massive success attracting 2 million visitors per year and has acted as a direct driver for further business and investment down the docks there. No one in Australia is in any doubt that the stadium specifically provided the driver that led to numerous business' headquartering there. Business' such as Axa and Sony Ericcson relocated their Asia-Pacific region operations to Melbourne Docklands after 20+ years of inactivity.




Using dockland inner city stadia as drivers to attract investment into deprived areas is a model that is being followed all over the world particularly in America where a number of out of town stadiums are being demolished to build on brownfield city based sites, to be closer to their fans. It makes sense for Everton and the city to follow this new model.

At a very basic level a premier league football stadium for what is now a regular european football side would attract worldwide recognition and visibility in multi formats (print media, television, internet, video games, etc) so it would immediately put Central Docks and Liverpool's waterfront in a much, much higher visibility, especially in markets such as China and the far east where the popularity of the Premiership is huge (LFC have 2 million fans in the asia region).

This in itself could possibly attract Chinese investment tying sports into development deals. One would hope then that Shanghai Tower would then become a reality and a number of jobs being created in the city. Currently as things stand there us NOTHING on the Liverpool Waters sites to act as a tangible asset to attract investment.

At Melbourne the stadium there acted as a driver to get fans down there, which then created retail, which then created restaurant/dining culture (feed the fans and shoppers!) which then led to a nice environment where towers could be built....which then led to Sony Ericcson and Axa headquartering their asia-pacific region business' there, creating jobs.

This would aid Liverpool Waters masterplan greatly.

NWDA involvement and grants.

In terms of Everton FC. EFC have stated time and time again that the issue for them is space to allow enabling funds to kick into place. This site then is absolutely ideal because Mr Broomhead of the NWDA has gone on public record as saying a stadium in this area would trigger grants AND it has space for retail and even towers....thus copying Arsenal's model of housing, retail and stadium (Arsenal's model is to be admired since after a few years of financial restrictions they are now making the largest profits off the back of the stadium in the clubs history).

Everton/Peel/LCC could still then cut an enabling deal with Tesco/Sainsbury's/Morrisons/Waitrose/Whoever! Certainly if Liverpool Waters becomes reality there will be a need to serve residents with a retail element and a supermarket.

Due to the location near or pretty much in Vauxhall, on a brownfield site that is ready to go, you could end up with a situation very much like Kings Dock where Everton could be offered a £200 million stadium for a very small outlay in comparison to a complete new build without assistance, due to multiple partners triggering grants and investment (LCC, NWDA, retail partners, massively increased naming rights, in comparison to Kirkby, for a world famous waterfront stadium).

MDHC execs claimed in the local press in the mid 2000's that they had actually gone to the trouble of consulting stadium designers.


In 2004 the NWDA offered to build a new rail station at Vauxhall to serve a shared stadium. One would assume that the grants this brownfield site would trigger would enable that to be the case still.

A station at Vauxhall would add to arguably the best public trasnport provision for any stadium in the UK. Within a 5-10 minute walk over the dock road/strand there is James Street (connections to Wirral Line) and all the links to the Merseyreail network, Paradise Street Bus Terminal and the Ferries on the Pier Head.

Away fans could be whisked very quickly via the underground to inter-city network at Lime Street.

In addition to this, plus the ability of "walk up" fans to filter out into the city in a number of directions. There exists the possibility of re-opening the Waterloo rail tunnel underneath CostCo (literally just across the dock road) to provide an underground link eastwards of the city. A long held ambition of Merseytravel, for which a waterfront stadium would provide a business case.

We have a golden opportunity here to see Everton FC playing WITHIN our city (maintaining 130 years of history and culture) in a stadium that turns a larger profit than ever could be gained from Kirkby. A city centre, waterfront stadium would attract tourists and would increase fanbase. It would attract much higher naming rights than a stadium in an out of town retail park ever could, due to the nature of the site on a world famous waterfront.

Please take a look at the following pictures to get an idea of how a stadium could potentially tie in with the site in question....






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